How To Start Hiring

Start today to get the best professional assistance

Finding indviduals and teams for your work is very easy on EE Stone. Go to Entrepreneur section and search for Entrepreneurs by their company name or you can search for a service that you require and you will get a list of Entrepreneurs and their services that can be available for your service. Talk to them about your project and find a best Entrepreneur that suits your project. Now it's time to take a practical step and assign them your project to complete by sending them a proposal.
You can also create your project in Workspace section and publish it to let the Entrepreneurs see and approach you by sending you their business cards and proposals. You can have a look at their company profile and previous work and choose the one that suits for your work. You can discuss your project with Entrepreneurs and send them a final proposal, on accepting the proposal, Entrepreneur will start to work and finish your project. This will generate a contract between you and Entrepreneur on terms that you have provided in a notice while sending your final proposal.
Note: Before sending your final proposal to Entrepreneur you will have to deposit the amount for the project. The depositing of money is gurantee to your project and gives the Entrepreneur a confidence to start your project.
If in any case you want to terminate the contract, your deposit payment will be send back to you.

  • There are many ways you can identify a good Entrepreneur.
    • Usually the experienced Entrepreneurs are Silver level and above.
    • Good Entrepreneurs have many supporters.
    • You can check their portfolios to see their previous work.
    • You can check their milestones to see how much they are socially interacted with their supporters.
    • You can see the reviews from other people who have experienced working with them.
    • You can have a look at the services they offer and the quality of the service by seeing the other people's reviews, who have gotten their service.
    • You can have a look at their gallery which basically explains a lot about the Entrepreneur.
    • And of course the communication is very important, communicate with them, discuss your work and find out if they are good fit for your work.
  • You can create multiple project and manage them. Few things which will help you to create a projects with good response from Entrepreneurs and how you can manage them.

    • There is a Workspace section which is designed for all your tasks related activities.
    • In Workspace you can create new projects by providing the detail of your work. Choose a service type and field of service you require. Add multiple skills you are expecting from Entrepreneur. You should provide enough explanation to let the Entrepreneur understand what you actually want.
    • Add a quick question, that will help you evaluate the Entrepreneurs.
    • You can publish your project to reach multiple Entrepreneurs who are related to those service. Or you can just save your project to do it for later.
    • You can create multiple projects to make a list for you to finish it when you want to finish, while you manage the contracts you have with Entrepreneurs.
    • You can manage the payments of your projects that are in progress, or you want to do later.
  • There are many payment methods that you can use to make successful payment, the payment methods depends on your currency and country you are in. Some of the famous payment methods that you can use to make payments are

    • Credit or Debit Card
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • AliPay

  • Yes! your payments are very secure with EE Stone.
    EE Stone uses the online market place model and partnered with trusted 3rd parties to make your payment processing secure. Your funds will be kept very securely with in our escrow account, and it will be transfer to your Entrepreneur when you allow us to do that. In case of refunding it will be sent back to your account very securely.
    Everything is transparent and you will have all the information about your funds.

    For more information about payment safety please visit our Payment Safety Policy.

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How to Become an Entrepreneur

Start today for a great future

EE Stone is a good place for you if you have got professional skills, you are dreaming to have your own start up or you are experienced professionals, you can join our Entrepreneur community which fits with all your Entrepreneurial and provide services to other people and earn.

You can create your Entrepreneur profile in Entrepreneur section where you can choose what type of Entrepreneur you are, whether you provide services remotely or physically. Then you provide the necessary details of your company and logo. Add the members of your team which will help you grow your company. Create a service that you can provide to your clients, you should create atleast one service by providing a title, skills, availability and some more user friendly detail about your service. Here you go you've become a Bronze level Entrepreneur on EE Stone. You can update your Entrepreneur profile by adding portfolios, creating milestones and other detail that makes your Entrepreneur profile looks good.
Now find projects and reach your deadlines, earn revenue and grow your company.

  • Usually the clients like those service providers who has a good profile and experience in their field.
    First you should update your Entrepreneur profile that attracts more clients, get more supporters, add milestones to let people know about your future plans. Add a website if you have, that attracts clients.
    Go to "Find Projects" section and you will find the projects related to services you provide, you can also manually filter projects with your choice, Send your clients your E-Card to initiate a conversation or you can also send them a proposal with your offer to their work. Keep in mind that you have a limit of 100 proposals in one month, so you should manage it properly and make effective proposals that explains how will you deliver your service and on what terms you will deliver your service. Clients are more attracted when they are provided with a proper information.
    After getting project, you should try to satisfy your client and get good reviews. This will help you level up your Entrepreneur and to get more projects. Most clients see the reviews you've got from your previous work.

  • Initially you are assigned a Bronze level to your Entrepreneur, after working, getting projects and good ratings will increase your level. Increasing your level means you are more attracted and viewable to clients and probability of getting more projects will increases. So you will be able to grow your company and team. You will also get some extra benefits from EE Stone. There are some criteria you have to meet to increase your level.
    For more information please visit Entrepreneur Level Schema

  • When you get a proposal from a client, they already have deposited the funds for your service. When you deliver the service they release the payment and you will receive the payment after EE stone's service charges.
    Now you can transfer the funds into your local bank account, you can transfer minimum of 50 USD or equivalent to your account. Your payment will be transferred to your local account within two working days.

    For more information please visit our Payment Safety Policy

  • EE Stone charges a percentage of total project amount from Entrepreneur as a service charges. That service charges depends on the project amount and the payment history with the same client.
    EE Stone charges 15% from Entrepreneur if the life time payment with a client is less than $1000USD or equivalent.
    10% from Entrepreneur if the life time payment with a client is between $1000USD and $10000USD or equivalent.
    5% from Entrepreneur if the lifetime payment with a client is more than $10000USD or equivalent.

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