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  • EEStone is a social media platform to make your own community, A community of your friends, family, loved ones and people you personally know. No one can search you by your name or suggestions. You can only be searched by email address, registered phone number and username, and this itself gives you a safety element of your private information like your profile, pictures and contact details. Moreover, we only use your information to provide you the best services at EEStone and we don’t share your information with unnecessary parties and doubtful people. You can read our privacy policy to learn more about it in details.
  • Updates:
    Updates are the weekly posts created by users and these will automatically delete from your profile after a week. The updates could be posted in term of text, pictures and videos.
    Memories are the permanent posts and these will remain forever in your profile until you delete them.
  • To change a password, go to dropdown menu on top right corner > account settings > change password. It is important to type your previous password first in order to change a new password or verify the account again.
  • You can use color tags to differentiate contacts or identify the special contacts in your list. For example, Green to the family, Red to the friends, Blue to the colleagues and so on.
  • Your information in ‘Around You’ will be visible for 24 hours and it will automatically delete your information (i.e. Location, profile, pictures) after 24 hours. You need to open ‘Around You’ again to make your profile visible for next 24 hours. Check out the Around You Policy to learn more in details.
  • You can buy or sell the online services (web development, graphic designing, Digital Marketing) and Local services (Plumbing, Electrician, Doctor, Lawyer). See all the Online Services or Local Services.
  • You can create a company profile in Main Menu > Services > Be an Entrepreneur. It is important to provide your workplace location for creating a local services company.
  • You can manage your projects, contracts and payments as a buyer or client in workplace.
  • In case of any dispute or fraud you face from other party, you need to file a dispute or contact us right away at We will manually investigate the issue and resolve the issue in 48 hours. Please read our Business Policy to learn more in details.
  • EEStone is designed in a way to make your own community, it means nobody can search you by your name or suggestions. You can only be searched by Email address, Phone number or Username. For that you will also love our privacy features, however you can use ‘Around You’ feature to make new friends and grow your connections socially and professionally. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more in details.
  • EEStone marketplace gives an opportunity to its service providers that they can present themselves as company or corporate. They can add/remove team members and manage everything like a physical company in EEPanel.

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